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Break Warranty

Break Warranty

We did all our efforts to prepare for the delivery of your item safety.

After your purchase, in case of the break  (
consequence of a transport) Crystal Art & Deco will replace the broken part and all broken pieces.
If the piec in unavailable, you can choose other items in crystal or be refunded at the original value.
If the case concerns unique piece we are committed to making the same.
The re-manufacturing time depends of our suppliers. We will confirm you in this case all the information as soon as possible.

We remain always vigilant and careful  :
If you not observe that the package is damaged ,feel free to mark on the delivery notice  "damaged package, pressed" or "damaged package"
then contact us immediately after.

We thank you in advance.
Crystal Art & Deco

"Break Warranty concerns only the consequent breaks of transport and delivery .