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Secure Payment

Cristal Art & Déco propose you the follownig methods of payment :


  You can purchase with peace of mind.

Bank Card, the easiest fastest and safest method to purchase online.

We accept these cards: 

We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all orders placed. This encryption allows an high level security for your transactions.
Transmission of your card details and personal details are fully secure.

3-D Secure password

3-D secure password is an additional password that you'll be asked to enter after entering your card details on the payments page. You'll be redirected to your bank's website from the payments page, where you'll have to enter the Verified by Visa password for Visa or SecureCode password for MasterCard.

Note: 3-D secure password has been made mandatory by the Reserve Bank of India to ensure safer online shopping. This will prevent misuse of a lost/ stolen card as the user will be unable to proceed unless they enter the password associated with your card, created by yourself and known only to you

Each transaction is protected by e-transaction from Crédit Agricole Bank.


" The information in touch with your command(order) paid with the solution 3xCB at a distance(remotely) is the object of a treatment(processing) automated by data the person in charge of which is TRUSTED CLEAR(NET) Inc. This treatment(processing) automated by data has for end(purpose) the determination of a level of insurance(assurance) for a transaction(deal) and to fight against the fraud in means of payment in particular against the credit card fraud. Inc. and the trader TRUSTED CLEAR(NET) to whom you make your purchase are the addressees of the data in touch with your command(order). The non-data transmission in touch with your command(order) prevents the realization and the analysis of your transaction(deal). The emergence of an outstanding payment in the motive for a fraudulent use of a bank card or for another means of payment will pull(entail) the registration(inscription) of the data of the command(order) associated with the outstanding payment within an incidental file of payment implemented(operated) by TRUSTED CLEAR(NET) Inc. An irregular statement(declaration) or an anomaly can also be the object of a specific treatment(processing). According to data protection acts of January 6th, 1978 you have, at any time, a right of access, rectification and abolition(deletion) of all personal data registered(recorded) by TRUSTED CLEAR(NET) by writing, by mail and by proving your identity, in TRUSTED CLEAR(NET) - IT service and Liberties - Treatments(Processings) n°773061 and n°1080905 - 3/5 Kicks Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris.

Means of payment reserved for the French bank cards of 200€ in 1500 € of purchase.

With Amazon Pay, You use the information on your Amazon account to complete your purchases: no need to enter your name, your address and your credit card, all its information is already available! The buying process becomes twice as fast as a traditional buying process.

You can purchase with PAYPAL :

Select the flexibility to choose the best payment method for your purchase. PayPal account can be link to your bank account, debit and credit cards. Just add your bank and card details to your PayPal account and then choose how you want to pay during the checkout process. Financial information are private and secure.


    You can pay via Bank Transfer   :

Once the order and payment method confirmed our bank details are visible and confirmed by email.